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The Challenge

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The contest is divided into three levels; School, Zonal and National. Winners from the school level would compete in the zonals and winners from zonals will qualify for the national level. This being an online contest, the participants would be required to have individual gadgets and a data connection.


Contest is open for students from classes 3 to 10. 

Students can compete in three categories as per their grade level.


  • Category 1: Grade 3 to 5

  • Category 2: Grade 6 to 8

  • Category 3: Grade 9 & 10


Level 1 can be attempted by all students in a grade. It will involve using a Gizmo to solve a challenge which will be shared on the day of the competition itself. 

Winners from each level will continue to compete in the same category for other two levels as well.

 Yardstick has collaborated with Explore learning, USA to bring path breaking, interactive simulations in Math and Science called Gizmos, straight to your phone and computer screens to wherever you are. Gizmos Virtual Championship is an effort to introduce students, teachers and schools to the amazing world of online simulations that foster deeper conceptual understanding and a culture of problem solving through STEM.

Certificates and Awards

All winners at National Level will get Gizmos Virtual Championship trophies, certificates and a FREE yearly subscription of Beecurious products.

All participants would be awarded participation certificates.

School of the winners will be awarded with a Gizmos Virtual Championship trophy and a FREE 3 months subscription of the Explore Learning Gizmos for all students.

Teacher mentors will also get Appreciation certificates for mentorship.

All winners at zonal and school level would get merit certificates. 

All participating schools will be awarded certificates.

Schools of winners at zonal level would be awarded trophies. 

The school with the maximum number of participants would be awarded the trophy for Best Participating School.


Last day of registration: 16th June, 2021

Level 1 (School) : 19th June, 2021

Level 2 (Zonal) : 26th June, 2021

Level 3 (National) : 7th July, 2021

Winners will be announced on 14th July, 2021.


  1. School registration is mandatory for participation in the contest. Registration would indicate that you agree with our Terms and Conditions for the competition. 

  2. All students from a class can participate in the challenge at the first level.

  3. A teacher mentor would need to be appointed by the school for each category to coordinate with our team.

  4. The list of Gizmos for the challenge will be provided to the school on the date of the challenge.

  5. All participants would be required to make their login ID beforehand. The challenge would need to be submitted from the participant's individual ID. Detailed information on how to register students class wise would be shared with the school upon registration.

  6. The challenge can be taken on any PC/Laptop/ Smartphone/ Tablet with an internet connection

  7. The challenge must be submitted in the stipulated time. No entries would be entertained after that.

  8. Each category would have one winner from each school for level 1. The winners will be decided by the teacher mentor appointed by the school and closely working with us for the competition.

  9. Level two will have winners from the school in the same zone compete against each other. The details of level 2 will be shared with winners and teacher mentors of level 1. The judges for this level will be external.

  10. Level three will be a national level competition where the winners from all zones will compete amongst themselves. The challenge for level 3 would be shared on the spot and winners will be decided by a jury of eminent judges appointed by Yardstick.

  11. The list of final winners and top school will be declared on our website.

  12. There will be only one entry per student.

School Registration Form

The following information is to be filled ONLY by the SCHOOL in order to register for the competition.

Students are NOT required to fill any form:

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