Every child is special

Yardstick keeps the child at the centre of everything that we work on. We believe every child is unique and special. Addressing this diversity, Yardstick learning modules provides personalized learning experiences for learners. Built on the cognitive domains of Bloom's Taxonomy and Experiential Learning Cycle

Y Modules are built on the Holistic Learning Framework (HLF) which meaningfully integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics by taking the learners through a journey of concept building, its application and its real life physical manifestation. This involves the core learning based on bloom's taxonomy and the extended learning based on the 21st Century Skills

Holistic Learning Framework

Y Pedagogy

Yardstick designs and implements learning programs for children, engaging their keen, inquisitive and imaginative minds via holistic experiential learning modules.

Y Pedagogy is based on the following

Discovery Learning

Active Engagement

Outcome Focus

Y Methodology follows the experiential learning cycle. It starts with a concrete experience for the children in the form of an activity/experiment/game. Children systematically note down their observations and results. It is followed active discussion of the results and reflecting up on it. Then the results are generalized and connected to the real life.

Experiential Learning

Critical Thinking




Innovation in Science and Mathematics Learning

Innovation is driven by a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Innovation is based on curiosity, the willingness to take risks and to experiment to test assumptions. Innovation is based on questioning and challenging the status quo. Being innovative is about looking beyond what we currently do well, identifying the great ideas of tomorrow and putting them into practice. 

The time has come to introduce innovative instructional methods in order to enhance science and mathematics education and students’ ability to solve. Metacognitive pedagogies can play a key role in this. Y Methodology explicitly train students to “think about their thinking” during learning. 

Creating leaders for the 21st Century

Yardstick provides 21st Century Skills

STEAM Integration

Yardstick programs has an in-built STEAM  approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.