Yardstick Experiential 

Learning Program

Yardstick Experiential Learning Programme is an integrated process of innovation, assessment and instruction designed to improve student learning at both the elementary and secondary levels. Educators can use this process to help plan and deliver instruction that benefits all students, from high achievers to those who need additional support

How does it work in the schools?

Transforming Education into a Joyful and Enriching Experience

YELP Program

Yardstick Programs are based on Child Centred “Hands-On” Learning activities which are customized for the state standards, the school curriculum and the teacher needs

Best in Class Resources

Pre-packaged Hands-on Activity kits for concepts in Science and Mathematics from KG 1 to Grade 10, Guided Lesson Plans, Differentiated Worksheets

Gap Analysis

Yardstick program is flexible for the school and teachers to pick and choose what fits them the best. Yardstick team of recommends the exact modules that meets learning goals 

Training and Certification

Yardstick team ensure that the last mile support is provided to the schools and teachers to ensure that the modules are integrated and learning goals are delivered through training and certification.

Integrated Curriculum

Yardstick customized for the needs of various international standards such as – Common Core, NGSS, English National Curriculum, Cambridge Curriculum, CBSE and IB.

Assessment and Reports

Yardstick periodically assesses the learners based on bloom’s taxonomy. Also reports to the leadership on the program implementation. 


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Child Benefits

Enriching and Joyful learning atmosphere

Relating concepts to the real life experiences

Doing science – learning by doing – effective ways to learn

Renewed motivation and interest to learn

Increased academic performance

Teacher Benefits

Innovative content at disposal

Ready to integrate Lesson plans 

Increased performance and attention of the students

Continuous and comprehensive feedback on learning

Professional Development 

Reduced effort and time

School Benefits

Ensuring quality learning at the classrooms 

Better learning achievements

Trained and Motivated teachers

STEM Integration

Active parental engagement

Happy Kids