What are these webinars?

1. Online and interactive sessions hosted by subject matter & classroom delivery experts from across the world.

2. Redefining the way a concept is taught using the 6 six step process to deliver concept learning to each & every student.

3. A new concept in science & maths taken up every week.

What do these webinars deliver?

1. A new concept in science & maths is explained in detail every week

2. Each concept is explained right from preparing the student to the delivery by the teacher - complete life cycle of a concept

a. Creating an effective starter activity to make sure the child has the prior knowledge required & increase curiosity of the student

b. Deliver the concept learning through the core activity

c. Finding real life applications using the concept learned

d. Connecting and understanding the concept better through cross conceptual links.

Why should you attend?

1. Interactive session with subject matter experts and teachers from across the globe.

2. Will be part of a professional development program for teachers

3. Will empower and enhance the knowledge & skills of a teacher

4. Certification for teachers

5. It is offered free of cost to you

Upcoming Events

  • Simple & Complex Machines - Webinar
    Simple & Complex Machines - Webinar
    Webinar - Details will be emailed
    02-Dec-2017, 4:00 pm
    Webinar - Details will be emailed
    UNDERSTAND: 1. Simple machines ease our work by modifying the forces involved. 2. A complex machine is a combination of multiple simple machines that function as a single unit. DO: 1. Construct a vehicle using all the simple machines.