About Yardstick

Who and Why we are?

Yardstick's vision is to make learning enriching and joyful experience. Yardstick designs and

implements learning programs for children, engaging their keen, inquisitive and imaginative

minds via holistic experiential learning modules.

Yardstick provides specific services to all the stakeholders in a child’s education – from

parents, teachers and administrators to the students. Our activity-based curricula mapped

to the syllabus encourage children to understand, appreciate and apply the subject being

taught. Our team attempts to give personalized attention to every child.

Yardstick offers outstanding, highly interactive, hands on curriculum that enables mastery of core concepts and skills for all kinds of minds. The curriculum focuses on unleashing creativity, real life application, and understanding rather than memorizing, inquiry based hands on approach.

How do we do it?

Mission and Vision

What do we dream?

The Yardstick vision is to make learning an enriching and joyful experience. We believe that making learning wholesome, meaningful and constructive can help us to achieve our vision.

We strongly believe in celebrating children, and the truest happiness is when children achieve their true, individual potential. This is what keeps the team motivated and drives us to deliver the best to the children.

Journey and Impacts