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Pride model

Yardstick's Curriculum Taxonomy for Learning

In achieving our mission to inspire ‘discovery learning’, ‘active engagement’ and ‘successful growth’, Yardstick has worked with teachers and academics in developing a taxonomy consisting of two fundamental learning domains: 

1. Progress - through reflection, integration, differentiation and evaluation (PRIDE) 

2.Thinking - through concept development, contextual application, collaborative evaluation and confident differentiation (the CUBE model)       

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The acronym PRIDE captures Yardstick’s fundamental aim for students to achieve the most important outcome – Progress. It does this using a sequence of vital provisions for effective learning that good teachers adopt:​

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The Cube Model

Our Curriculum Taxonomy for Learning (the Taxonomy) describes the essential ‘spiral of progress’ and ‘levels of thinking’ to bring about real progression in learning. It moves learning from the stages of early thinking and acquiring basic knowledge through to high-level critical awareness and application. It shows the learning relationships that lead to challenging analysis, synthesis and creative engineering/manufacture. 

Crucially, the Taxonomy links ‘evaluation’ to ‘differentiation’, both vital pedagogical provisions when helping students to think through new and difficult concepts.

The Taxonomy is original, but drawn from well-established conventional classifications assimilated with more recent research. 

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