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School Improvement  Services

Blending learning at home and school

Journey to Excellence

We connect schools, teachers, educational consultants and resource providers and offer individualised services
to private schools in the Gulf region.


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School Set-up and Document Services

For those wishing to open new schools and

for existing schools to update their documentation.


Human Resourcing

Access to full-time, part-time, emergency cover teachers and private tutors.


Educational Resources

Access to a range of educational products from different resource suppliers.


School Improvement

Access to experienced international consultants and trainers.

Our services

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A suite of learning programs to improve 
strategic direction in-home/ school education

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Realising your school’s vision

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Dynamic school planning

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Blended learning at home and school - practical steps for ‘post-covid’ success

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Improve the quality of teaching

in your school through structured coaching and mentoring

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Implementing a high-quality reading culture throughout the school Reading literacy

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Measuring students’ progress and school effectiveness

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Create yourself a successful school 

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The contribution of cognitive science in improving teaching and curriculum design


School self-evaluation and improvement planning

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